Our data for the termite resistance the ICCF block has over other building materials is largely anecdotal, meaning, that in the 20 plus years of building ICCF homes we have never seen or heard of damage to ICCF (gray block) by termites in the gray block industry.

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Are you looking for a green building solution that is fire-resistant and energy-efficient? Look no further than Eco Building Systems and their revolutionary product, The Perfect Block. This unique building material is made with 100% recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, Portland cement, and proprietary admixtures, making it a safe,...

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As society continues to become more aware of the environment and its effects on the world, more and more industries are turning to green construction techniques. Eco Building Systems has created an amazing “Perfect Block” that is the ideal green construction product. Composed of recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS), Portland cement, and...

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The future of construction depends on utilizing environmentally friendly materials that are not only more sustainable than current technologies, but are also more durable. The Perfect Block (TPB) is both, and capable of providing construction companies all over the United States to provide their clients with durable and sustainable building capabilities. If you are interested in the perfect...

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From material usage to waste production, construction projects can negatively impact the surrounding environment. The Perfect Block (TPB) is a revolutionary green construction material made from recycled materials that aims to jumpstart the green construction industry. Whether you are a contractor or builder, here are four aspects of green construction that can help your project to be...

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Whether you’re a professional contractor, a long-time builder, or a hobbyist handyman, you want to work with materials that are affordable, durable, and easy to use. At Eco Building Systems, we’re home to The Perfect Block, a revolutionary building material that’s sustainable and effective. We’d love to help you with your next construction project, so continue reading or...


Building a new property is one of the most expensive and exciting ventures you can start, requiring endless planning. Nobody wants to create something that could break or fall apart within ten years, and globally we’re all moving towards more innovative and green items. Although classic low-innovation homes are still built and bought every day: yours doesn’t have to be this simple.

These are the top materials everyone should let inspire...



A product other than wood that is fire safe, disaster safe and overall, more efficient than wood!

According to Diana Olick,

CNBC Real Estate Correspondent, lumber prices have doubled in 3 months!



Planning and building a house is exciting, and you want a great look with lasting, quality material. Cement homes have always been a popular, sturdy, and lasting choice in home construction. With advances in the industry, concrete homes no longer have to look like chunky blocks. Instead, they can look edgy or on-trend, textured, or smooth.

You may not immediately notice how many concrete homes make up newer neighborhoods. That’s because...


The Perfect Block™ is so unique in that if a block is broken, it can be repaired. “There is no bad block”. The reason why is because of its proprietary composite formula. Eco Friendly Block Research, Development, & Technologies (EFBRDT), the research and development team of EBS, made our composite forms simple to repair. If you receive any product that is broken, it can be easily restored to a functioning block. To repair a broken block,...

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A question that occasionally comes up from our friends in the Green community, concerned with the effects of the use of The Perfect Block™ in buildings, on the earth for future generations is: What happens when buildings built with The Perfect Block™ (TPB) expire/become obsolete or reach the end of their useable life?



Why is The Perfect Block™ perfect for EPS recycling? Because EPS is an abundant resource and we use 100% recycled EPS in The Perfect Block™ products!

EPS is everywhere. You just don’t see it unless you look. EPS is used for everything from shock cushioning for appliances and electronics, insulating coolers for frozen food and medications, to decorative trim features on many buildings and...

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We are introducing our Eco Building Systems Corp (EBS), The Perfect Block™ elements and building systems to California. We will be attending the California Green Summit in Sacramento on April 9th and 10th to introduce ourselves to Californians and the California state decision makers.


Eco Building Systems (EBS), the makers of ThePerfectBlock™ is reintroducing the “gray block” ICF, insulating concrete form or insulated concrete form to the green building industry. So why is this a “reintroduction” of this ICF? The gray block ICF has been around for some time now but there are many misconceptions of the block and awareness to the public as a tremendous sustainable green building material is virtually unknown.