Benefits Of The Perfect Block™ For Consumers

Eco-consciousness is now at the forefront of consumers' minds in the building and construction industry. As a result, many are seeking building materials that are environmentally friendly and sustainable without compromising on quality or affordability. The Perfect Block™ from Eco Building Systems presents itself as a perfect solution for consumers who want to build with environmentally friendly materials that don't break the bank.

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Benefits Of The Perfect Block™ For Consumers Infographic
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What is The Perfect Block™?

The Perfect Block™ is an insulated concrete form (ICF) made from 100% recycled EPS, eliminating the need for wasteful and non-renewable materials like wood, all while saving energy and maintaining cost-effectiveness.

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What are the Benefits of The Perfect Block™?

The Perfect Block™ is rising in popularity, and for good reason. Explore the multiple benefits of The Perfect Block:

  • Cost-effective - The cost of The Perfect Block™ is comparable to traditional wood frame construction, allowing consumers to select environmentally friendly materials without significantly impacting their budget.

  • Structural Strength - Innovative engineering of The Perfect Block™ provides superior structural strength, which can withstand harsh environments, severe weather conditions and prevents damage from wood-eating pests, mold and bacteria.

  • Environmentally Friendly Forms - The Perfect Block™ forms are made of 100% recycled EPS, providing a sustainable solution while minimizing negative environmental impacts.

  • Fire Insurance Rates - Reducing the risk of structural damage from fire due to the lack of wood material, The Perfect Block™ could potentially lower fire insurance rates. This product emits fewer fumes in case of a fire than most insulation materials, containing no chemical CFCs or HCFCs, making it among the safest on the market.

  • Minimal Air Infiltration And Reduced Indoor Pollution – The exceptional insulation properties of The Perfect Block™ result in reduced air infiltration into the building, improving indoor air quality while reducing energy and utility costs.

  • Greatly Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs - The Perfect Block™ superior insulation properties result in reducing energy consumption, bringing down heating and cooling costs by 60-80%.

  • Outdoor Noise Reduction- The Perfect Block™ can virtually eliminate outdoor noise, a welcome feature for commercial and residential buildings located in noisy environments.

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Superior Performance You Can Trust

With its innovative engineering, The Perfect Block™ delivers superior performance in hurricane- and tornado-prone areas and earthquake zones, while reducing energy and utility costs. Eco Building Systems provides The Perfect Block™, enabling consumers to create environmentally friendly and sustainable structures that offer a safe and attractive return on investment. Contact our team to get a quote!