There Is No Bad Block

The Perfect Block™ is so unique in that if a block is broken, it can be repaired. “There is no bad block”. The reason why is because of its proprietary composite formula. Eco Friendly Block Research, Development, & Technologies (EFBRDT), the research and development team of EBS, made our composite forms simple to repair. If you receive any product that is broken, it can be easily restored to a functioning block. To repair a broken block, all you have to do is take the broken pieces and glue them back to the original shape with the foam adhesive used in the installation of our products. If necessary, pin the broken pieces together with a few nails and glue it. It’s that simple. In fact, as a comparison, it is similar to welding two pieces of metal. It makes the piece stronger.


So, don’t get upset if you receive a block that may have broken or cracked during shipping. It’s not bad, just glue it and use it.

If there is any unrepairable block then please take a picture and we will replace it for free plus shipping.

Please view our video on how to repair a broken block also on our website video’s.

Thank you EBS (Eco Building System Corp)


As you can see from the photos, the block is incredibly strong, even after the repair with only the foam adhesive we use. So, this is another benefit of using “The Perfect Block™” ICCF over other building materials.