Perfect Block: The Next Generation of Building

The future of construction depends on utilizing environmentally friendly materials that are not only more sustainable than current technologies, but are also more durable. The Perfect Block (TPB) is both, and capable of providing construction companies all over the United States to provide their clients with durable and sustainable building capabilities. If you are interested in the perfect block, here are four reasons to get on board with this revolutionary “white block” ICF replacement today.

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The Greener Choice

Created from 100% recycled materials, TPB is the top sustainable building material on the market. When compared with white block (which has little to no recycled material), TPB is the more sustainable option for the next generation of builders.

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Easier Construction

TPB is not only lightweight and customizable when it comes to size, but they are reliably manufactured, meaning that they are one of the most consistent, sustainable building materials on the market. If you are looking for reliable construction blocks, TPB is perfect for you.

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Improved Ability to Withstand Inclement Weather

While white block tends to require a lot of bracing due to reduced weight, TPB does not and is still stronger in construction. In fact, when compared with standard “stick framing,” TPB is 700% stronger and able to withstand 250 mph winds. In addition, the tooth-shaped surface provides TPB with grip that white block does not have.

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Energy Efficiency

TPB is a complete Insulated Composite Concrete Form (ICCF) Building System, meaning that it has a greater thermal resistance when compared with other forms of construction and can help save clients money on energy bills by preserving the interior temperature.

Whether you are building commercial or residential properties, The Perfect Block is the future of construction materials. Made from 100% recycled materials to improve energy efficiency as well as weather durability, TPB is perfect for a wide range of construction projects. For more information about this incredible product, get a free consultation today!

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