The Eco Building Systems Team

The Pursuit of Perfection motivates the team at Eco Building Systems to be ever improving and innovating with simple construction techniques and mother earth in mind. Spending years of experience, testing, and refining a product and manufacturing process takes patience, perseverance, and a disciplined team. We want every developer and every builder that uses our system to have an advantage in the market by using premium products and producing energy efficient structures. That's a winning combination!

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What Drives Eco Building Systems?

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  • Annual Product Improvements
  • Utilizing Green Chemistry
  • Proprietary Design Elements
  • Functional Product Features
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  • Utilizing Recycled Materials
  • Rebuilding Disaster Sites
  • Providing Sustainable Solutions
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint
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  • Automation Across Platforms
  • Refining Workflow Systems
  • Controlling Remote Access
  • Marketing & Customer Service

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Our Committed Belief In Green Building Philosophy

For all of us at Eco Building Systems, it’s not only about creating a disaster resistant building material that can help save lives or helping to reduce our clients’ energy bills by 50% or more, but also about a committed belief in doing what we can to make this world a better place to live with fresher air and a lasting ecosystem WITH MOTHER EARTH.

As the price of commodities continues to increase, it is a financial benefit to make our homes and buildings more energy efficient. Additionally, with the understanding that nearly two-thirds of our earth’s original forest cover is gone, it is evident that wood is not the sustainable choice for the future of our planet.

Acknowledging the above, and the idea that we needed to create an energy-efficient, alternative building solution that would help preserve our critical forests, decrease our dependence on natural resources, and significantly reduce overall CO2 footprint; we had to take smart measures and make a difference.

Over 95% of all ICF / ICCF manufacturers on the market today continue to use virgin (manufactured) EPS for their insulating forms, yet Eco Building Systems has refused to adopt this practice. We have chosen to exclusively utilize 100% recycled EPS in each and every product we make.


We challenge all manufacturers in the U.S. and around the world to compare the short-term benefits of their current manufacturing materials and processes with the long-term environmental impact. We hope that other manufacturers will adopt a more sensible use of manufacturing materials and processes. Every day at EBS, we make every effort to develop new environmentally-friendly and alternative solutions.