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Eco Building Systems Corp. offers the technical resources and support needed to help builders efficiently construct The Perfect Block™ Wall System.

EBS continually strives to provide resources, tools to the construction industry, architects and engineers, and end users.

EBS provides start-to-finish support for a successful project. EBS will support construction crews and companies with training to demonstrate the simplest and cost-effective way to build with The Perfect Block™ System. EBS personnel are where ever needed to answer questions and provide technical support.

We can recommend Draftsman, Architects, and Engineers to consult with for all projects.

1. LARR Report # 26155 and link it to the attached report.

Download pdf

2. The Perfect Block™ ICC Equivalent Product Compliance Report with test results.

Download pdf

3. Prescriptive Method for Insulating Concrete Forms in Residential Construction, Second Edition

Prepared for U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Policy Development and Research Washington, DC and Portland Cement Association Skokie, IL and National Association of Home Builders Washington, DC by NAHB Research Center, Inc. Upper Marlboro, MD January 2002

Download pdf

4. Fire and Flammability Testing: Report ASTM E119 # 1032554480SAT-001

Successful 4 Hour Fire Rating: ASTM E119 / UL263, ASTM E119-16a, ASTM E226-5b

Testing completed by INTERTEK, Recognized and accredited worldwide with the ability to conduct tests to ANSI/UL, ASTM, CAN/ULC, and NFPA standards

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5. Structural Wind Load, Impact and Cycling (Hurricane) and Tornado Impact Testing:

Reports # H6867.01-801-44 & Report # H6867.02-801-44-R0

Successful: ASTM E330, ASTM E1886, E1196, ICC-500 / E1996

Testing completed by INTERTEK, Recognized and accredited worldwide with the ability to conduct tests to ANSI, ASTM, AAMA, BHMA, TAS, and

Saferooms built to Fema Guidelines, designed to withstand the winds of an EF-5 tornado (250 mph)

Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Monroe County. ASCE 7-05, 7-10

Download pdf; ASTM E1886 ASTM E1996 Hurricane Report # H6867.01-801-44 pdf

Download pdf; ASTM ICC 500 Storm Shelters, FEMA 361, ASTM E1886, ASTM E330 Tornado Report # H6867.02-801-44-R0 pdf

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) incorporate the use of a building Energy Rating Index (ERI) as a code compliance option within the 2015 International Building Code. The most commonly used ERI in the U.S. is the HERS Index, which is the industry standard for measuring a home’s energy efficiency and the nationally recognized system for inspecting, testing and calculating a home’s energy performance.

The actions taken by ANSI, the IECC and the fact that increasing numbers of builders in the U.S. are committing to having their homes HERS rated for energy efficiency, all point to the HERS Index as being the preferred method of choice for rating and labeling the energy performance of homes.

The following is the number of homes issued a HERS Index Score in 2016 and the average HERS Index Score by state:

Number of Ratings in 2016 Average HERS Index in 2016 Number of Ratings in 2015 Average HERS Index in 2015
Arizona 12,522 63 11,244 63
California** 1,156 68 716 69

A typical Eco Building Systems Home Using The Perfect Block™ Wall systems increases the efficiency to 60% over resale homes

Tonopah Arizona: HERS Index testing 47 Download pdf

Glendale Arizona: HERS index testing in process. Results soon

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