How To Build A Fire-Resistant Home

Whether you live in a wildfire-prone area or are just looking to keep your home safe and protected, building a fire-resistant home is a great way to protect your home and the belongings that are inside. At The Perfect Block, we create sustainable building materials for homes all over the US. The Perfect Block is an ICF block building material that is inexpensive, durable, and fire-resistant for up to four hours and we are committed to helping you create your dream home. If you are looking to build a fire-resistant home, here are four things you need to keep in mind!

 Infographic - How To Build A Fire Resistant Home
Perfect Block foundation

Use an ICF Foundation

Starting from the ground up, using an ICF material like The Perfect Block can greatly reduce fire risk for your home. The Perfect Block is a reliable foundation material and can prevent your home from catching fire when it’s exposed to extreme temperatures.

fire-resistant shingles

Armor Your Roof

While using fire-resistant materials in your foundation is vital, it’s important to not forget about the other aspects of your home. Armoring your roof can help you to create a home that won’t catch fire when exposed to extreme temperatures.

stone house

Choose Good Siding

In addition to your roofing, choosing durable siding like stucco, stone, or brick can prevent flames from getting into your home. While wood looks great, stone-based materials can protect your home when it matters most.

installing new windows

Choose Fire-Resistant Windows

Finally, choosing windows that are heat-resistant can prevent flames from getting in. The heat from a fire can shatter windows quickly, so choosing windows that are double-glazed and made from tempered glass can keep your home safe.

When building a fire-resistant home, it’s important to trust the materials you are using. At The Perfect Block, our sustainable products are trusted all over the US for their durability, fire-resistance, and pest-resistant properties. For more information about our eco-friendly building materials, reach out to us today.

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