Resources & Documentation

Use the links below to download additional information about The Perfect Block.

EBS Technical Construction Manual

Download our technical construction manual that provides in-depth explanations and resources on building with The Perfect Block™.

Download Manual

How We Eliminate Bad Blocks

The Perfect Block™ is so unique in that if a block is broken, it can be repaired. “There is no bad block”. The reason why is because of its proprietary composite formula.

Download Document

Sequential Pictorial of ICCF Construction

See a step-by-step example of building with The Perfect Block™

Download Document.


Let's Get Building!

Once you read the build manual our Perfect Block ICCF expert, Rick Tindal can answer any questions you may have that the build manual didn't answer.

Rick Tindal

Mobile: 623-271-1173

Direct Line: 888-623-4223 [Ext. #1]



Support & Training

We manufacture our 10 different ICCF building elements in Peoria, AZ, and ship directly from our factory, throughout North America. To learn to build with ICCF, we offer our free detailed Technical Construction Manual, and in addition, we also offer tours and free ICCF construction training at one of our local job sites.