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Peoria Company Recycles Styrofoam Into Building Materials.

  • Eco Building Systems in Peoria repurposes styrofoam into fire-resistant concrete material to use as blocks for building projects.
  • FOX 10’s Anita Roman reports.

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We have developed a simple 3-step process for recycling discarded expanded polystyrene (EPS) into their eco-friendly building material known as The Perfect Block. The process involves receiving EPS donations from recycling partners, repurposing the materials through an automated process, and creating The Perfect Block through a proprietary mixture.


Step 1 – Receive Donations

  • Recycling partners donate post-consumer and post-industrial EPS to Eco Building Systems to prevent waste from filling landfills.


Step 2 – Repurpose Materials

An automated process converts unusable EPS into a lightweight aggregate in bead form, which is then mixed with a proprietary EBS material to create a sustainable green building material.


Step 3 – Create The Perfect Block

The EBS mixture is placed in molds to form and create The Perfect Block. After it is cured and stacked, the product is shipped to eco-focused clients.


Donate Your EPS

We invite your company to donate any post-consumer or post-industrial EPS to Eco Building Systems. Instead of leaving this non-biodegradable foam packaging to sit in wasteful landfills, we can repurpose it into eco-friendly building materials. Join us in creating a positive environmental impact and supporting sustainable construction.

  • Companies With Large Amounts Of EPS Should Call For Transportation Assistance.
  • Individuals Or Small Businesses May Drop Off Clean EPS For Recycling At The Following Location:
  • Eco Building Systems
  • 8960 W Larkspur Drive Suite 105
  • Peoria, AZ 85381
  • Drop off hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am – 4 pm.
  • Prior confirmation of truckload deliveries required.

For further information call 623-271-1173 and ask for recycling information.


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